Denham M.C., Whittaker J.'s A Bayesian approach to disease gene location using allelic PDF

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By Denham M.C., Whittaker J.

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This process involves removal of the H chain from the ER into the cytosol, where it is targeted for proteasome-mediated degradation by the addition of ubiquitin (Ub), a small 76 amino acid protein, whose C terminal glycine forms an isopeptide bond with the ε-amino group of lysines (K) or the NH2 group at the N terminus of proteins. Ubiquitination involves the sequential action of three enzymes, a Ub-activating enzyme (E1), a Ub-conjugating enzyme (E2), and a Ub-ligase (E3) [26]. that are transported from the cytosol into the lumen of the ER by the TAP heterodimer.

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A Bayesian approach to disease gene location using allelic association (2003)(en)(11s) by Denham M.C., Whittaker J.

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