Download e-book for iPad: A Collection of Bit Programming Interview Questions solved by Dr Antonio Gulli

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By Dr Antonio Gulli

ISBN-10: 1495330729

ISBN-13: 9781495330728

Bits is the second one of a chain of 25 Chapters dedicated to algorithms, challenge fixing, and C++ programming. This e-book is ready low point bit programming

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Those observations are implemented in the code below. Code int swapBits(int n, unsigned int i, unsigned int j) { if (i == j) return n; int xor = ((n >> i) ^ (n >> j)) & 1; return n ^ (xor << i) ^ (xor << j); } 19. Reverse the order of bits in an unsigned integer Solution We simply apply the function used for swapping bits. First solution re-use the code defined for a previous exercise, while the second one manipulates bits directly. Code unsigned int reverse(unsigned int n) { unsigned numBits = sizeof(unsigned int) * 8; unsigned halfBits = numBits >> 1; for (unsigned int i = 0; i < halfBits; ++i) n = swapBits(n, i, numBits - i - 1); return n; } unsigned int mirror(unsigned int n) { for (unsigned int i = 0; i <= 15; i++) { n = (n & (0xffffffff - (1 << i) - (1 << (31 - i)))) | ((n & (1 << i)) << (31 - i * 2)) | ((n & (1 << (31 - i))) >> (31 - i * 2)); } return n; } 20.

Code unsigned int swapBits(unsigned int x) { unsigned int evenBits = x & 0xAAAAAAAA; unsigned int oddBits = x & 0x55555555; evenBits >>= 1; oddBits <<= 1; return (evenBits | oddBits); } 2. Print the binary representation of an unsigned int Solution An easy solution is to AND the bit with the number Code void bin(unsigned n) { for (unsigned int i = 1 << 31; i > 0; i = i >> 1) if (n & i) std::cout << 1; else std::cout << 0; } 3. Compute whether or not an unsigned number is a power of two Solution Suppose that the number is nonzero.

Unset the i-th bit Solution 6. Toggle the i-th bit Solution 7. Given an unsigned number with only one bit set, find the position of this bit Solution Code Solution Code Solution Code 8. Count the number of bits set in an unsigned number Solution Code Solution for sparse bitmaps Code Solution for dense bitmaps Code Solution for 32bit integers Code 9. Add two numbers without using arithmetic operators Solution Code 10. Given an array of integers where all the numbers are appearing twice find the only number which appears once Solution Code 11.

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